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Deputy Chief Of Mission Residence (Dcmr) Renovation U.S. Embassy Buenos Aires, Argentina

Project Name: Deputy Chief of Mission Residence (DCMR) Renovation U.S. Embassy Buenos Aires

Contract No.: 19GE50-23-C-0013​

Project Owner: U.S. Department of State


About Project: 


The contractor's scope covers civil, sanitary, water, landscape, architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical/telecom, and security components.

  • Civil works include stormwater and sewer system upgrades.

  • Landscape involves native plant incorporation and pool area enhancements.

  • Architectural renovations maintain eclectic design with safety and ADA compliance.

  • Structural improvements reinforce concrete elements and address wood structure in the attic.

  • Mechanical tasks cover air conditioning and kitchen upgrades.

  • Plumbing includes water supply renewal and sanitary system upgrades.

  • Electrical/telecom work involves system renovations, grounding, lighting, and antenna installation.

  • Security systems include CCTV replacement, security camera placement, and CAMS infrastructure.

Project Value: $3.5 Million

Completion Date: February 2025.

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