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Div 8, 9 ,10 Procurement & Services

Job Name: Hospital Modernization, Misawa AB

Location: Japan

Contractor: American Engineering Corporation

Invitro Fertilization (IVF) New Clinic  - Sidra Medical Research
Location: Doha, Qatar 
Contractor: EMCO Facilities Engineering

Sidra Medical & Research Center
Location: Doha Qatar
Contractor: OHL/Contrack JV (OCJV)

Dar Al Fouad Cardiac Hospital
Location: Sixth of October City, EGYPT
Contractor: Costain - Samcrete, J.V.

El-Maghrabi Eye and Ear Hospital
Location: Cairo, EGYPT
Contractor: Management International - PMI

FY06 Navy Milcon P932 Medical Clinic
Location: Bahrain
Contractor: Kooheji-Desbuild JV

American Hospital
Location: Dubai , UAE
Contractor: Dhafir Development & Contracting


Hamad Hospital Medical Center
Location: Doha, Qatar 
Contractor: Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co.,Ltd.

Job Name: Hamad Hospital Al Maha Center

Location: Doha Qatar

Contractor: Profession Aluminum Company for Hyundai Construction

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