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Products & Vendors


We have forged partnerships and a solid network with leading manufacturers all over the country; we offer customized engineered products for all your projects' requirements 

From Div. 8 Mechanical and electronic hardware, Access control, wood doors, Steel doors and frames, Windows , Industrial doors, to Div.9 Finishes Walls to Ceilings , to Div. 10 specialty products...

and much more...

For Your Products Needs:

  1. Steel Doors and Frames, Stainless Steel, Aluminum
  2. Wood Doors and Frames
  3. Hardware, Security Access Control , Mechanical and Electronic
  4. Hangar / Bifold Industrial Doors 
  5. Bullet, Ballistic, Hurricane Doors and Windows, Glass / Glazing 
  6. STC Acoustic Rated, Fire Rated, RF Shielded, Lead-Lined
  7. FEBR(Forced Entry), ICC500
  8. Access Doors and Panels 
  9. Windows Steel and Aluminum(Standard, Security, Hurricane) 
Division 9 - FINISHES
  1. Paints & Coatings
  2. Acoustical Ceilings Panels
  3. Walls Gypsum products and accessories 
Division 10 - SPECIALTIES
  1. Bath Partitions: Metal, SST, Phenolic
  2. Bath and Washroom Accessories
  3. Lockers , and Shelving (Metal, Phenolic, Wood)
  4. Fire Extinguishers and Cabinets
  5. Louvers and Vents - Steel and Aluminum
  6. Signage system 
  7. Partitions Operable/Folding
  8. Flagpoles
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