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Updated: Mar 28, 2021

G Glentos SA is delighted to announce the appointment of Framaco International Inc as its Distributor in the USA for the purpose of introducing the Kibo range of pre-fabricated ballistic resistant (bulletproof) cabins and booths to federal contractors working on Department of Defence and State Department projects.

FRAMACO comes with over 30 years of extensive business with the US Government and high-security facilities throughout the globe, and has previously worked with Kibo products on projects for the US Navy in the Middle East and Europe which were manufactured by G Glentos. Kibo units have also been supplied to the US Army, USAF, and Marines on military bases and embassy diplomatic compounds in several countries throughout the world and are approved by USACE and NATO.

"As leading Federal procurement experts already working with leading manufacturers, we are confident that adding the high-quality Products and designs made by Kibo to our lines should be embraced by our clients,” said Gilles Kacha, CEO of FRAMACO. “having already supplied heavy-duty Kibo guard booths and watchtowers to US Navy facilities we feel this is a good addition to our lines of high-security products, and are certainly looking forward to expanding our partnership with Kibo.

On welcoming the new relationship George Glentos said “we are excited at this new venture with Framaco with whom we have already established a dynamic and successful relationship and look forward to forging even closer ties in the future. We are confident that we will be able to increase the take up of Kibo cabins with US clients now that the products are part of FRAMACO’s portfolio and look forward to working closely with Gilles Kacha’s team.


KIBO CABINS. The Kibo booths are used in a variety of applications including guard shacks, security control rooms, watchtowers, border crossing control facilities, and also have various uses in the embassy and other government compounds that are at risk of armed attack. They come in a range of standard sizes and configurations and provide ballistic resistance from NIJ level III (UL 752 level 5) up to UL 752 level 10 which stops 12.7mm x 99mm FMJ ammunition. G Glentos SA introduced the Kibo buildings range originally to support the security forces at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Since then, the booths have been adopted by military and police forces on all Continents as the modern economical solution to protect the lives of soldiers and police and security officers who are charged with the protection of public and private assets and citizens.

One major advantage of the Kibo cabins range is the fact that the finished product can be shipped in whole or in part in conventional ISO containers which reduces transport costs and makes them easy to store and relocate if required. On-site installation costs are minimal too as the buildings are shipped fully equipped for virtually immediate ‘plug-and-play’ on arrival at the site. G Glentos SA was originally established in 2002 as a manufacturer of a variety of pre-fabricated structures as is today the leading producer of standardized ballistic resistant buildings that meet the needs of the World’s security forces.

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Kibo Products
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For more information and immediate pricing, please contact our Procurement teams at

G Glentos SA – Kibo Cabins

Contact: George Glentos, CEO

T: 0030 2310 796755

Framaco International

Contact: Gilles F. Kacha, CEO

Main: +1 914 6336600

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