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SIDRA Medical & Research Center, Doha, Qatar 

A Trusted Name in Materials Procurement And Construction Management Services

$800M Construction Projects Delivered

FRAMACO International is a privately-owned firm established over 30 years ago,  with our Headquarters in New York.


We manage two (2) Divisions ;  Construction Management and Materials Procurement, providing international turnkey CM Services, as well Materials Distribution Solutions to US Government Agencies as well and Prime Contractors. We have successfully completed and delivered projects encompassing over 80 countries around the globe.


With branch Operations outside the US, FRAMACO has the global capability to competitively perform general contracting, procurement, design, and engineering services, allowing us to participate on sizable contracts with the Department of State, USAID, and USACE. We have successfully delivered design-build projects valued at over $800 Million,  while engaged and completing sizable Division 8, 9, 10 materials Procurement solutions to construction projects exceeding $15 Billion in value .


The success of FRAMACO is measured by the collaborative and excellent relationships we establish with our clients, designers, manufacturers, and subcontractors.


We are positioned as a trusted US global partner providing our clients with the expertise to expand into new regions anywhere.



Someone once said that the road to success is always under “Construction”, and the Johannesburg MSGR project was a great success indeed despite of its challenges. As I mentioned in the dedication speech, kudos to the Framaco team, specially to Construction Manager, and his team for the dedication, drive, can-do-attitude, overall excellent project quality and workmanship demonstrated throughout the project. 

Buereau of Overseas Buildings Operations


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